Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trading Teams

On one of my last Sunday afternoon league sessions, I was playing my game on one of the side tables away from my team.

I thought I was minding my own business.

All of a sudden, a guy standing near the table says, "Hey, you play good.  Do you want to join my team next season?"


What makes this guy think I want to join another team; leave my current team?  I didn't give any indication of such a thing - I was just playing my match!

I told him, "Uh, thanks.  Not sure what I'm doing next season."  Just to say something nice back.

"Well, if you need a new team, please just let me know.  You play good; we'd love to have you."

Really, Dude.  Really?  What are you doing asking me that? 

I guess he's desperate for players or something?  I dunno, but I thought it was kinda rude to ask me that while I'm in a match with my current team.  And further, I am not looking for a new team.

Wait, is my team kicking me out and I don't know it?  lol.


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