Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sweating is Fun!

At the last Omega Billiards Tour stop at JR Pockets in Denton, Texas, as the Tourney Director for this tour, I also run the Calcutta.

I'm proud to say that we do not take ANYTHING out of the calcutta.  It's 100% payback!


I sometimes bid on players in the calcutta.  But, I hardly ever "get" them.  It's kind of a running joke.  Every time I think I'm about to buy a player, someone bids a higher amount and I lose my bid.  I stomp my feet and raise up my hands with defeat, lol.  I sometimes think everyone is TRYING not to let me buy anyone, haha!

So I bid on a few players this fine Saturday morning and I couldn't let this guy buy himself for $20 so I bid $30.  And guess what happened?



OMG I was SO excited!  :)

I bought somebody.

Immediately Chuck bought half himself, so we both had $15 invested.

But, something else happened that was even better, though I'm afraid will taint me for all future Calcutta's, lol.

He was still on the winner's side til Sunday!

I called my b/f, "Hey, guess what?  I bought a horse and he's still in!"

He wished me luck almost as much as I wished for the player to win.  He's so sweet :)

Chuck needed two wins just to get INTO the calcutta prize pool.

Well, he wins both!

So I go and look at the brackets.  Talking to myself, "If he wins here and here, or goes here, we will win $250!"

Not bad for a $15 each investment!

I tell you what, it was FUN!

I had so much fun sweating his matches.  I had to be careful not to cheer out loud, only on the inside, because I can't show favoritism as a tourney director, but it was fun!

I normally just glance at all the matches going on, this time I was intense following his games.

And he kept winning!  And won again!  And then he had a close match.  But won that one!

Then he had another tough match and he almost won if a two bad rolls hadn't of happened.

So he was on the one-loss side but never gave up and kept fighting.  At this point, we are now guaranteed $350!

Best $15 investment I ever made!  :)

Thanks for the sweat bet, Chuck, and CONGRATs on a GREAT 5th place finish out of 80 players! 

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