Saturday, May 31, 2014

8 Ball Singles Event at 2014 ACS Nationals

As I woke up on Monday morning, I was for the first time a National Champion.  I had just won the night before the ACS Nationals Women's 9-Ball Singles event.

To say I was on cloud nine was an understatement.  But, my trip wasn't over yet, and in reality, had just begun.  I still had 8-ball singles, 9-ball women's teams, and 8-ball women's teams to play.

My first Women's 8-Ball Advanced Singles match was at noon. Because I'm still on Texas time, I get up real early again.  I had so much time before I played, that I walked the entire way from Harrah's to the Tropicana (a full 45 minute crisp walk), with enough time to rest and cool-off an hour before my match started.

My view, walking the strip that morning.

wrote already how in my very first match, my opponent might have psyched herself out accidentally, by asking me questions.  I won that match 7-2.  I thought I felt pretty good, even though the race to 7 is tough and daunting.

The Advanced women's division race to 7 (we are all ACS Master and ACS Advanced players).  I have to admit, I was SPENT already.  I used a lot of mental energy playing in the 9-Ball singles event and I didn't know just how mentally tired I really was until my second match.

Next, I played a girl I recognized, but not sure from where.  I could tell I was the better player, but I didn't play well anymore for some reason.  I was missing kinda easy shots that I was nailing the day before.  And I admit, she would get out from nowhere and I definitely second guessed her ability.  But, I was so mentally taxed, I didn't put up a fight.  I tried, but I just could barely function.  It was brutal.

I guess this is what Joe Salazar was talking about.  Physical and Mental exhaustion are for sure two different things.

Kinda remind me of a couple of examples.  When you are hungover, you can still play pool for some reason right?  Obviously not as well if you were well-rested, but still function-able.  But when we mental exhaustion is tougher to overcome.

I was mentally exhausted from the long weekend to even make simply shots and safes.  I was drained!

Before I even lost that match, I decided to not even stick around to play my next match.  Yep.  I forfeited.  Yep.  Me.

I was disappointed I even thought of it.  But, my next match wasn't until 6pm.  If I won that, then 8pm. Then come back the next day.  I didn't think I could overcome my mental exhaustion in 3 hours anyway, and I honestly would rather rest up for a day and a half to be very well-prepared and well-rested for my women's team event that would be 3-days long.  Plus, they depended on me and I wanted to be in tip-top shape for them - not mentally or physically exhausted.  Resting up meant more to me than trying to race to 7 in 8-ball.  DANG that's a long freaking race!

I honestly don't think I can give my all to both events.  It's just mentally tough.  It may not seem like a lot, but 4 full days of constant competition really is.  Not a lot of breaks.  And long, tough races.

Not sure if I will do this next year.

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