Thursday, May 22, 2014

Team Line Ups

Although I have a lot of good things to write about from the ACS Nationals, one of the things I witnessed was NOT good.

Actually, it upset me and perturbed me pretty badly.

On our way to the hotseat match, we ran into a really good team from Texas.

We started the match about 630pm, and it was 8-ball, and we had 4 players each on our team.  I flipped, the opposing Captain took the "home" side and then I walked back to my team and got out the score sheet to fill out.

I filled it out as best I could - putting the best player in the clutch position and then pitting the other 3 players in positions best for the team.  In a race to 10, it may seem easy to do, but it's still strategic placement.

I fill out the names and I wait patiently (okay maybe not) at one of the pool tables for the other captain to bring her score sheet over so I can fill in HER players' names.

Well, she comes over, and her FORM IS NOT FILLED OUT.


She then looks at MY score sheet and fills out her player's names based on where *I* put the name of all my teammates.


I was in such shock, I just watched her.  Mortified.

I *should* have grabbed my sheet and hid it behind my back and told her to come back when hers is filled out (nice how I think of these things days later, lol).

Well, I'm pretty miffed but it was too late.  My teammates told me she was prolly doing it deliberately to rile me up, lol.  I think she was just trying to pit the right players against each other, but imo that's not allowed/ or right.


We are suppose to fill out our sheets and THEN share the names.  Not look at the lineup and then decide where to put players.

We won that match and would play them again later on in the tourney.

This time, I hid my sheet until she was done filling hers out.  But, she comes over, and hasn't filled hers out!


So she's standing there and asks me, "Which game is the hill-hill game?"


This is the final match of the tourney and you do NOT know this yet?  REALLY?

I point it out to her, which I shouldn't have.  And she filled out two names.  Then changes one of the names.

Then she added the other two.

I was SO happy when I saw her final line-up b/c she wasn't breaking against me (she slow-breaks).

I then call out the first two matches.

Then she says, "Hold on, making a change."

And she changed two of the names around and now she's breaking against me.  OMG.

My sheet was all messed up because I used a pen!

I can't believe people would really look at someones sheet before filling theirs out.  Smooth tactic.  Rude, smooth tactic!  One I would never use.  One I wont ever let her use again.

Lesson learned from her!


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