Friday, February 15, 2013

That Personal Touch

A few weeks ago I received something in the mail from CSI (CueSports International).

I thought maybe it was my tax forms, instead, it was entry forms and a letter about the 20th Annual U.S. Bar Table Championships.

I was pretty shocked to get a flyer in the mail.  I haven't seen a flyer mailed in a LONG TIME.

But what was even more awesome about the letter/flyer/entry forms, was there was a note hand written by CEO Mark Griffin!

Now, I know Mark didn't personally sign every letter, but I still thought it was a nice personal touch for the players.  

"See Your Here,"
"Mark Griffin"

How cool is that?

Sure, I know Mark personally (no I'm not name dropping), but I felt like he was writing a little note just to me.  :)

I think the "personal" side to connecting to customers is going by the wayside because of social media.  People can reach us easily online and through apps on our phone, but to mail something ALONG with a personal note really impressed me.

Now, Mark is a great people person and you can walk up to him and have a conversation with him.  He's not stuck up or high on himself - he genuinely loves to talk to the players and the lovers of the sport.  

So, maybe I shouldn't be surprised about this?

Nah, STILL am! 

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