Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Scotch

I played in a fairly large scotch doubles tourney last Saturday.

There were 36 teams.  My boyfriend and I played together again like we always do.  We actually practiced the night before at the house but didn't fair so well, lol.  That made him a little apprehensive, but when that happens to me, I think it's getting all the bad shots out of my system before a tourney.  :)

We started off well, won 3-0 then 3-1.  The second match I was making bad choices, but I got over my embarrassment and played better so we could win.  In the 3rd match, I missed a tough 8 ball shot, even tho I was told it wasn't tough.  And then I made an 8ball out of turn.  That meant we lost 1-3 and were sent to the one-loss side.  :(

From there, we went on a tear and won 4 matches on the one loss side.  I played SO good in those 4 matches; so good!

However, in the match we lost, it was all my fault.  I missed a shot in each of three games we played, and the other team capitalized and won.  I think we lost 1-3 or 0-3.  I was pretty frustrated about all my misses.  But, I think I was simply too exhausted to keep my focus?  Not exactly sure.  All I know is I played just fine the matches before, but faltered in this match.  We had chances; I messed it up. 

Bummed, but still happy to place 3rd out of 36 teams.  And, $220 richer, too  :)

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