Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Can See!

I mentioned last month that I got very irritated and most importantly disengaged when practicing at the house with my b/f because I couldn't see the table.

We didn't have one stool or chair high enough in the house that I could sit above the table and watch him shoot or see the layouts.  I therefore, wasn't focused and ready to shoot like I am during tournaments.

In order for me to remained focused and engaged and learn, and be ready for my turn, I have to "see" the table and layout.  Being level with the table was NOT helpful.  And, it hurt my practice sessions.

Well, stopped by Walmart the other day for some new socks and milk, and walked out with a new stool!

I had looked for stools at another Walmart but didn't see this one.  I REALLY liked this one -

(1) because it looks good/matches the decor (lol)
(2) sturdy,
(3) Tall,
(4) less than $30.  :)  (cheapest sturdy one I have run across yet).

I can see!!!!

Check it out:

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