Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beating the Extrovert

I played in my men's league on Monday night.  I didn't know which team we were up against, but it turned out to be a real good team.

One of the members on the other team intimidates me.  I have wrote about him before

He basically shouts out when his team does well, shouts out his disapproval when they don't do well, and has even called me out for my choices on the table.  Sure, he's just an extrovert.  But, I don't like to be judged during my matches.  I judge myself enough, I don't need to be standing at the table, trying to decide what to shoot, while also worrying this guy might verbally not like my choices and tell me in front of everyone.

Granted, this is MY issue, not his.

BUT, it doesn't mean it's still easy for me to play pool in front of him.

I play my first match, feel myself choosing the wrong run, but decided I can do it.  I have to come with a shot on the ball before the 8 and scratch.  :(  I get SUPER embarrassed b/c I think someone clapped, but also b/c I knew I was running the balls wrong and felt this guys and others thought the same thing.

Next match, my arms are still a little wobbly from embarrassment and I admit I feel like people watch me more to see if I really deserved that National Team win back in May.  Yes, I KNOW I'm not suppose to think that way, but winning tournaments does NOT mean we no longer feel pressure.  Quite honestly, sometimes we feel MORE.

Anyway, I fly the cueball off on the break.  Ugh.  BUT - I get a chance at the table!  But, miss a tough shot.  :(  The guy runs out.

TWO losses right off the bat.

I win my next game and I tell myself, "I might be able to pull out three wins tonight, still."

I win my next game, too.   WHEW!

Then I realize, though, that I will have to play the extrovert as my last match.  Damn.  He's so tough to play.  Well, he's tough when he's on the sidelines, too.

He breaks dry (somehow) and get this.... I RAN OUT!  OMG!  I shook his hand after the 8ball fell and said, "That's the first time I ever beat you!"  All proud.  :)  He replies, "Yep sure is the first time out of all these times." (ugh)

But, no hooping and hollering from him this time!  Or telling me what I should have done different to run out. 

Instead, the only words I hear are from my boyfriend on the sidelines saying a few times out loud, "good shot!" during my run.  :)

I then tell my team as they high-five me, "CIRCLE!" Which means I ran out from the break - AND I get a quarter from each teammate.  :)


(just kidding)

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