Saturday, April 8, 2017

Billiard Buzz Interview: Rachel Hurst

It's very unfair to play favorites and be biased between the first 3 interviewees of my column in Billiard Buzz this year, but I have to say after reading the most recent interviewee's replies to the questions, hers made me cry and so she is currently in first place if I had to rank them.  (sorry Robley and Tony!)

I ALWAYS knew if I got this idea/dream to interview people off the ground into reality, that I wanted to approach Rachel Hurst to see if she would be interested in being interviewed.

As I have stated before, I wanted to interview people who have overcome odds.  And I think you will be surprised what happened to her, and her rebound to who she is today.

Btw, instead of just simply asking her if she was interested, I wrote all the questions, then sent them to her as a carrot along with my request.  I guess I was trying to twist her arm so she would hopefully say yes lol.  And we are SO lucky and blessed that she did!

I can't express enough to please take a couple of minutes and read her amazing story.  She not only has an amazing life from near death to different paths to where she is in her life right now, she also has a way with words that I could not wait to read.  And let me say I was not disappointed and her answers actually went way beyond any expectations.  I really did cry after reading her answers.

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Babylon Brother said...

Absolutely wonderful article. Insightful. What did you learn?