Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time and Place for Social Media

I have written before how being on social media during a tournament can be detrimental to your game.

You need to focus.  Not read crappy comments, or even future-type comments like "Get that Title!"

Athletes do their VERY best by staying IN THE MOMENT.  So, reading even positive comments can be pressure-ladened.

While you may think, 'here she goes again with her weak mental attitude talk,' LOL, let me share I'm not the only one.

When I spoke to Tina Malm about her thoughts about streaming, I mentioned I was surprised she got on Facebook during tournaments.  She quickly pointed out, "I post about the stream, then get off.  I don't read comments or even look through Facebook during tournaments."

And here is my friend Tam Trinh:

I love how she handles this.  She will post info (brackets, stream, event, etc) and then add, "No questions please or messages about the event.  I need to stay focused."

She will update the post with scores and results, but she gets on and then gets off.

She, just as Tina and myself, is very aware to stay focused on the tournament at hand and not spend her time on social media and be distracted.

We want to still share with our friends where we are playing a tournament, but we don't engage very much online during the weekend because we are dedicated, focused, and concentrating on the tournament at hand.  Afterwards, we are all about responding to comments and looking around social media lol.

Point is:  Time and place.  And tournaments are the time to concentrate and focus!

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