Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pool in Their 70s

There are at least two players who play on the Omega Billiards Tour regularly who are OVER 70s years old!

Blas Andrade is 78 and Michael Vaught is about 73 years young.

I remember the first time Micheal saw Blas at one of the tournament stops.  "Well, darn, Melinda.  I see Blas over there.  I thought I would be the oldest player here." 

It was quite cute to hear him say that, actually.

Michael has a very dry sense of humor with a soft voice, yet when he laughs, it comes from his belly and his eyes light up.

Even Blas will elude to his own age (being in his late 70s) and still out competing in the game he loves.  I guess when we get to that age and we still get out, we kinda brag about it (hopefully I will have the humor at that age to see it's cool to BE that age).

Blas will comment to me in his (also) soft voice (and ALWAYS with a smile) how he is still walking on his treadmill every day.  "Walked 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday, Melinda, after I got home from work,"  he tells me bragging :)

Here is a photo of Blas:

And here is a photo of Michael:

One other player is in his 70s:  Charlie.  I believe he is 75.  Charlie shows up at almost every tournament (only has played once; he normally just watches).  He also has a REALLY great laugh and talks often about his multiple girlfriends lol.


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