Monday, August 29, 2016

"Like Making It To The Finals..."

A friend of mine and great pool player, Dave Favor, found out in early July that he has throat cancer.

I keep tabs on him and call him often to see how he's doing.

Friday he had surgery and they added a port for his chemo and also a feeding tube under his belly into his intestines. 

When I called him on Sunday to see how he was doing, he was still in the hospital and after some time, he finally admitted he had had a rough day.  He was in a lot of pain and had been throwing up a lot (and as you can imagine, with throat cancer, it's tough for fluids to go in or out of his throat and it's pretty rough when he vomits unexpectedly) (he has been on a liquid diet, too).

After he finally admitted to me he wasn't doing well or feeling well, he then all of a sudden piped up and says. "But I'm going to be okay, Melinda."

I got tears in my eyes and then he said, "It's kinda like being in the finals of a big tournament.  You've already won when you get to the finals - you are guaranteed 2nd place - that's a big feat already."

I sat silent on the phone as tears ran down my face listening to this man who was having a horrid day (and many more to come) say it would be okay!

He added, "I've had a great life.  Just like getting to the Finals; I've already won.  But I'm not going anywhere, Melinda."

I told him so many people could learn from his optimism and positive outlook.  He replied, "Well, I'm going to fight this.  If it takes me, I've lived a great life. But I'm fighting and not giving up."

Here is Dave just from May from a tournament he won (he's in the middle in the green shirt):

I started a GoFundMe for him to help raise money for his living situation as he goes through chemo and radiation.  He has been overcome and emotional (as I have) with the outpouring of support for him.  Proves pool is family and we look out for each other.

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