Monday, August 15, 2016

Learn From Others' Pain

I was quite impressed the other day when a high-level instructor shared his heartache (and lesson, tho) out in public on Facebook.  It is really great advice, and I wanted to pass it along to others via my blog, too.

From Randy Goettlicher, Professional Billiards Instructor at Pool School:

Just want to share a Life Lesson that just occurred.

I have just finished Team competition in Las Vegas. Our team played outstanding. I played way below my skill level.

This past year I had many great things happen to me. Whether it was family, China, and of course I was extremely busy in Pool School or a lot of golf, I failed to do what I preach. I went into competition thinking that I was going to play at a high skill level. Boy, do I ever teach it correctly.

I had abandoned my three times a week practice routines. I didn't even play on any local pool stops, I didn't need to. I have played for 55 years, why do I need to practice! Well I just got my ass kicked and I don't like it.

All Champions hone their skills daily, That's what makes them perform under pressure. But no, not me. I forgot how much I love pool.

So, starting on Sep 1st, I go right back to my old practice routines. I will practice my drills and test my skills. I am ashamed of my performance. I just hope my team will have me back.

Thanks for listening. Playing like that is embarrassing.

Never happen again, NEVER!

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