Monday, March 18, 2013

The Things We Deal With

I played at Diamond Jim's in Arlington, Texas in their Friday night tourney last Friday.  If more than 7 girls enter, then they hold a separate women's event, instead of the women playing against the men.

It's pretty cool as the tourney is getting bigger and bigger.  Friday night we had 20 women!  For a weekly tourney, that's fantastic!  It helps that the men's event has a huge break contest, so may players show up in general anyway.  Friday night someone snapped off $1,600 at $200 a ball.  :)

To get to the hosteat, I defeated this really nice girl (I'll call her Ronica) who was very quiet and shy, that played timid (kinda slow), but she was a good shot maker, even though you could tell she was a beginner and nervous. 

While I waited to play in the finals, Ronica's boyfriend and my boyfriend (Brian) were gambling races to 3, 8-ball, $50 sets.

At this point, it's about 2:45 in the morning - because there are only about 8 bar tables in the place, if you finish well in the tourney, it makes for long Friday nights.

Brian had just won a set and he asked the guy, "Play for $50?" as he's holding the coin over the table to flip (he's ready to play another set).

The guys says, "sure" and Brian flips the coin.  The other guy wins the flip and immediately tells Brian, "Okay now give me my $50."

I'm on the sidelines thinking "WTF?"

Brian kinda laughs and tries to tell him he wasn't flipping for $50, he wanted to play another set for $50.  The guy is pretty drunk and says, "I thought you wanted to flip for it because we don't have time to play another set."

Mind you, his girlfriend, Ronica, is still playing in a match!  So yes he does have time to play another set.

I add from across the room, "We aren't going anywhere," trying to stress they DO have time to play.

My boyfriend again explains he would never flip for $50 and was not trying to make a move on him.  The guy finally gives up the argument and they play another set.

We win the race to 3 and about the same time, Ronica won her match and now her and I are about to play in the finals.  I was so proud of her for getting to the finals!

I had already scoped out top 2 payouts and first place was $95 and second place was $50.  Based on that info, I didn't want to split the finals, even tho I hardly ever do anyway.  But since it was now 3:15 in the morning, I figured it might be asked.

I didn't have anywhere to be on Saturday and they would have to beat me two sets.  I admit I didn't want to give up the cash.

Sure enough, Ronica asks me if I want to split.  I reply shyly, "nah."

So, I get my cues to walk over to the table and I hear her boyfriend tell her, "Beat this bitch."



I say to my friend, "He just called me a bitch."

I keep walking and bring my cues to the table and tell him in front of the about the 10 people left, "You don't need to call me a bitch."

He is shocked I heard him AND called him out.  He stammers, "Oh, uh, I say that about everybody."

I break and it's still in my head he called me a bitch.  I'm getting a little warmed up about it, but remain calm and proud of myself for defending myself.

Ronica chooses stripes and then I get a chance at the table, but need to punt.  While I am down on my shot, the TD tells me, "Melinda, stop.  It' over."



I'm confused.

"It's over.  You won."

Evidently, her boyfriend asked about the payouts and then said "it wasn't worth it" for Ronica to play the finals out.  So, he forfeited her!

I felt really bad for her as this was her first time to ever be in the finals, and he made her quit!

He promptly walked out and she followed shortly behind after she put her cues up.

I kinda felt like he was being a bitch tbh.

I realize he was drunk, I realize he was upset for just losing $100 to my boyfriend, but let your girl play in the finals.  And DON'T call me a bitch again!


Babylon Brother said...

I can imagine this happening ... all the time. In fact, I'm sure it does. I, too, do not feel that the guy intended for you to hear his comment. He was just being purposely rude and crude. It's a macho thing to say. I hate the common use of the word "bitch." It's as distasteful as the common use of the "N" word, especially by same sex and race. You know what I mean. It's no wonder it can be misinterpreted. Hell, them's fighting words. I'm in no way conconing this guys other actions. In his own way, I actually think he was trying to pump up and support his girlfriend. It's just too bad you heard it. Worse yet, reacted it to. But you are aware of everything when you play pool. Like every sense, every nerve is alive and receptive.

R Riley said...

I would like to call this guy a douche.. in person.. lol