Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Annoying Chit Chat

On Saturday morning of the OB Cues Ladies Tour March 9-10, my road partner and I got there promptly when the doors opened at 9am to hit balls on the Diamond Bar Tables to get acclimated.

We got separate tables, but next to each other and practiced alone while we could before the other players started to fill in.  After a while, some of the tournament players started to come in.  Then a few guys came in.  One guy, Mr. Annoying, walked right through half of the pool room and went straight to Courtney's table and sat his butt down.

He singled her out of all the ladies there and started to chat her up.  Yes, while we were trying to warm up.

Here is all that he said, that I can remember:

You playing today?
Want to play with me?  It will help your game.
These tables are different.
But they are good tables.
Where are you from?
What me to hit some balls with you?
You know Allison Fisher says the most important thing is your stance.
Can I hit balls?

That's when I finally intervened, "the tables are for the female players to warm up for our tourney."

He sat back down.

Then he continued his "discussion" to Courtney:

You shoot well.
Nice shot.
Sure you don't want to practice with me?  It will help.
I am going to go, good luck.
Oh, wait, let me order some breakfast.
How long you been playing?
This breakfast is good, need something to drink?
Are you ready for today?
I was here all last night playing.
Nice break.
Want me to show you a few shots?

Mind you, we didn't know this guy AT ALL and yet he's interrupting our warming-up session.  To say he was annoying was a freaking understatement.

When one of his friends came over to say hi, he started to brag how he beat someone the previous night.  We all just wish he would FREAKING leave!  I was waiting for the right moment to tell him to shut up (nicely of course), but I never saw the perfect opportunity.

Courtney, bless her heart, was a nice as she could be and she answered all his questions politely.  But she finally had to walk away from him because he was so distracting.  She kinda hid near friends on the other side of the room until he left. I thought it was pretty crappy that he was that distracting while we were trying to warm up, that she had to step away from the area.

I was prepared to have to intervene if he started to follow her around during her matches to talk AT her.  Luckily, he left, though.

He wasn't rude, just annoying.  At one point I wanted to say, "Do you really think we don't know how to play this game if we drove all the way from Texas?  Can you see we want to just warm up and focus?"

We did see him again Sunday morning - ironically when we ere warming up again - and Courtney and I got a little nervous, lol, but luckily he didn't talk to any of the lady players this day and kept his distance. 

OMG Really buddy??

If he gambled the night before he has to know *something* about pool and warming up and etiquette.  Well, guess not.

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Anonymous said...


these kind of *wannabe-guys* are all over the world in pool :-)
Looking for attention-that s it.
you two have been too nice :p
Being nice can push *such problems* lol (pls stay as nice as you are, lol).