Sunday, March 17, 2013

$hitting in Balls

At the last tourney I was in, I was playing my match on Sunday and I overheard a player from another table shout, "I'll take it!"

I was caught off guard as I don't recall this player being so vocal, so maybe she was having a tougher match than normal?

After a player shits in a ball, their reaction depends on the score, mind frame, and position in a tourney.

It's funny to me how people react when they shit in balls.  Three are five distinct reactions imo:

A player will either:
  • raise their hand, effectively apologizing for making the ball like that,
  • don't react at all and just move on like it's a part of the game,
  • say something like out loud like "I'll take it!" or "get in there!" or "oops!"
  • pretend they meant to pocket the ball like that,
  • or they laugh about it (a rare reaction).  

Again, the reaction of the player depends on many outside factors.  If they are struggling or losing, they be more vocal.  If they truly are sorry, they wave the apology hand.  If they are focused, they might just keep shooting with no reaction.

The KEY in my opinion is how YOU (the player watching all this unfold) react to the shit-in-ball AND the players' reaction.

Let's face it, if I get an apology wave, I'll be less inclined to be miffed at their roll.  If they are being verbal, it can be taken as rudeness.  Don't let that get to you!  Just accept that rolls are part of the game and don't let their verballness bother you.  Their comment is no reflection of you, it's a reflection of their emotions.  Feed off of it, but don't let it get to you.

Going back to the tourney - again, I was taken aback at her comment, as I thought it was uncalled for for her to shout "I'll take it!"  She shit in the 6ball and then ran out.  And then her opponent made the 9ball on the break and won the match 7-5.

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R Riley said...

lol Karma Take that!