Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pool Tourney Virgins

This past weekend, as I mentioned, was the Season Opener of the OB Cues Ladies Tour.  Four (4) of my friends who had never played in one of their stops before, played! 

Sometimes, the biggest step is stepping through the door to a pool room of a big women's tourney and actually playing in it.  It's really not easy at all to do!

There is SO much pressure for new players.  Mostly because the whole experience is very new and there are a lot of unknowns.  And there are really talented players all around them, they notice, as they scope out the competition and absorb the atmosphere.  Plus, nerves, stress, desires, unfamiliarity, etc., all the while they are trying to play pool and compete!

I am SO proud of my friends this weekend who played in their first-ever OB Cues Ladies Tourney - Angelina Dean, Lyn Jones, Ileana Ford, and Jennifer Dooley!

I was also worried for them, tho.  While the OB Cues Ladies Tour is a very friendly, fun tour, it also has some very strong players on the tour.  That in itself can be intimidating and discouraging.

It takes a very passionate, dedicate player to want to come back and do it again.

And....all 4 ladies had such a great time, memorable experience, learned a lot, and enjoyed the day, that each one of them have already stated they will play again - and can't wait to play again!  I am SO excited!

As my friend Courtney said, (who just recently joined the Tour), "I have been putting off tourney's for years, and now I can't stop going!!   And I won't stop....I learn so much from playing such great players and I am not afraid to go out and take a beat down anymore!"

I do wish my friends would have been able to play in the Second Chance event on Sunday, though.  It's even more laid back than the Main Event, and most of the top players are still in the main tourney and can't play in the Second Chance event.  The Second Chance tourney is named just that for that reason (then again, at one point we called it "The Cry Baby Tourney," lmao).  But, it's another fantastic avenue to compete against women players.  With $100 added, it can be lucrative, too!

I have already heard their calendars are marked for the next OB Cues Ladies event and they are very anxious to play.  :)

I cannot express enough how very PROUD I am of these Ladies!!!

And if anyone else wants to be a virgin on the Tour, please let me know so I can try and convince you to play.  :)

As I keep telling anyone and everyone who will listen, the BEST way to improve your game and to get better at competing is to play in more tournaments.  And the OB Cues Ladies Tour is a perfect opportunity no one should miss out on.

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Unknown said...

I was so happy they came out to play!!! I'm sure they will come to love the tour, as we all do!!! It has definitely made me a better player :)

(And I am still so proud of you!!!)