Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Running a Men Versus Women's Tour

Being the TD of a Men's Tour is completely different than running a Ladies Tour.

Men have more testosterone and don't back down.  They speak up more.  They bark more.  They defend themselves more.  They are more vocal.

When they get upset, they don't bite their tongue.  They speak UP.

I'm not trying to generalize and I know not all men are like this, but competition brings out a nasty side of men sometimes.  Mostly from the players who play pool for a living and need the dough.  But, their opponents don't back down from their venom and tongue lashing. 

The dynamics of running a men's tour versus a women's tour is quite eye opening and VERY different.

I expressed my shock to a friend and he replied,

"You're getting your feet wet with men, you've been playing and help running the women's tour. Men pool players are a different breed. In women's tour they don't have the ego's and smart ass attitudes.

Your doing a good job!"

He hit the nail on the head, I think! 

I'm up for the task and can handle any arguments and verbal attacks that may arise again, but it wont be all smooth peaches and creams for the Tourney Directors, lol.  But, if this is what needs to be dealt with to bring a Tour to the DFW area, then I'm ready!

My dream has always been to bring a Tour to the area to help pool players compete, grow/learn from, and make some money at the same time.  Hiccups and dealing with personalities is just part of the game.  :)

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