Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good News from the BCAPL

Received an email about two weeks ago from the BCAPL about the "Rio Vegas Updates" for the July 2013 BCAPL Nationals held at the Rio.

Decided today to finally read the 5 attachments/documents about the new Leisure Division, Vacation at the Rio, Player Transportation, Room Rates, and Food Options. 

In one of the documents I read something about the 3 Open divisions that will be held on 9-foot tables.  The US Open One Pocket, US Open 10-Ball and the US Open 8-Ball Championships.  Basically, these are the Pro events (but anyone can enter if you so desire).

But something pretty cool caught my eye.  I had to read it twice, and then saw it printed in another of the documents attached to the informative email.

"General admission to all three pro events will be FREE for all BCAPL/USAPL members.  Plus, each sleeping room in the Rio will receive a FREE live video feed from the pro arena via cable TV, courtesy of"

Wait, I knew about the free video in the rooms (like they had at the Riviera), but free ENTRY into all three events for BCAPL players??  Really?!!  That is FANTASTIC news!

I don't know how the BCAPL will make money off the fans and attendees, if all 18,000 players of the BCAPL Nationals can get in for free, but I am not gonna complain, I'm going to exclaim!  :)

Watching the pros plays is a wonderful experience AND improves your own game.  :)

Sweet, sweet news!  Thank you BCAPL!


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