Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learning From APA

Yes, folks.  This die-hard-BCA-only league player has joined an APA league. I joke now, "I went to the dark side."  lol.

Actually, it's not so bad.  It's a Master APA League.  We play one person each Sunday evening on a team of three.

It's a weird race - whoever gets 7 wins first, wins.  You have your choice to play 8ball or 9ball.  But, there are only 5 games of 8ball and 7 games of 9ball.  So, most of the time you have to play both 9ball and 8ball to get the 7 total wins in.
So, what am I learning, you ask?  What am I learning from APA?

Well, to be fair, I'm not technically learning from the APA itself, but I AM learning something about myself and others by being on this APA Team.

My team captain has always been an acquaintance, not a friend per se, but now I feel like she is a friend.  We have spent just a few Sunday evenings together and already I know her better through great talks and sharing.

I have written about this woman before, but as a competitor.  I stated she was tough to play because she's intimidating and also vocal.  When she misses a shot or safe she talks out loud ("way to give it up") or to her opponent ("there ya go, all open").

I mentioned in a previous blog that I felt she turns up the heat so much, if she could squeeze your balls while she played against you, she would.  She's that's intimidating.

Turns out, tho, not only is she a great woman, she really IS that way.  She told me when she plays guys she turns up the competitive factor.  She even stated she figuratively thinks to herself she wants to rub her opponents d1ck in the dirt.  I kid you not.  She shared with me she once put something that looked like the male anatomy in a shoe box with dirt around it as "inspiration" for her teammates and to alarm their opponents one time ina big league tournament.  To hear her describe this "show and tell" was hysterical!

But, I have also seen another side to her.  Yes, she's aggressive and intimidating on the table, but she is also a mother, a great wife, and a good friend to a lot of people.  I can also tell she gets a tad bit embarrassed when she misses, stating out loud "big dummy, you hit that bad."  I recognize that most people do that as a defense mechanism, and even though she is intimidating, it doesn't mean she doesn't feel any different.

I've so much enjoyed being around her.  Getting to know about her kids, her great husband, and to see her kindness for her dear friends.

Although she can be tough to fade if she's not on your team (she cheers loudly for her teammates' good shots "nice shot!" or she can be kinda rough when she talks about an opponent "he wont get out") but otherwise, it's a completely different scenario for me to be around - a woman with a vocal killer instinct.

Being around someone with such a hard killer instinct is something in of itself.  I will continue to learn little tidbits from my new friend.  :)  Obviously it wont be as extreme as her thinking, but my soft side and too-nice attitude could use a little toughening up and in this APA league I may be the little grasshopper.  :-)

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