Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In or Out?

Last night I went to league with my boyfriend so I could get out of the house.  Due to my Mom's passing, I don't like to be alone there, so I tagged along and was the Official Score Keeper for the night.

We went to a shady side of town, to a pool room I had never been to before.  It was really a very small bar with four coin tables.  It had a dozen regulars there and the two pool teams, and not much room for anything else.  When we pulled up, it was kinda in a strip mall, but I didn't see any other stores or businesses and some diesel trucks were using the parking for overnight stays.

I admit it was a scary atmosphere in and out of the bar.  I am sure everyone is always very nice but being a white female with blond hair, I do stand out in my slacks and blouse, lol.

Right before the first game, it dawned on me that my cue was in the car.


I asked my boyfriend, and his teammate overheard my question, "I left my cue in the car.  Should I go get it and bring it in so it doesn't get stolen?"

The both look at each other and laughed as they look around and said almost in unison, "heck, we could get robbed in here!"


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Jester said...

There's a biker bar here that my husband and I refuse to go to because last session when we played them and my husband beat a guy on thier team he got violent and wanted to start a fight. And there's another one that I won't go to alone, it's on the outskirts of a shady neighborhood so I ride with the Captain or not at all if my hubby isn't there.