Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Smoking Establishments

I don't even realize how acclimated I am to smoke-filled rooms.  And I think it's unfortunate.

Most all the pool rooms (currently) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are smoking establishments.  I've been in smokey pool rooms my whole life, except the few times I might have visited a non-smoking pool room in another state.

Because I don't frequent pool rooms that much anymore, I am not around smoke as much (and I'm not a smoker).  However, I have noticed it takes me a few days (literally) to feel up-to-par after running a tournament all weekend because I'm around smoke more than I'm used to.  My body and lungs are affected more by the smoke because I'm not around it as much.

However, what really surprised me was at the previous Omega stop, a couple of friends stopped by the pool room on Sunday morning, as they were driving from Florida to Vegas for BCAPL Nationals.

They were there only about an hour and one of the guys comes up to me say goodbye.  He said, "Sorry, we have to go.  We aren't used to the smoke and we need to get out of here."

I gave my hugs and said my safe travel wishes and they left.

But, I have to say I was VERY surprised.

You see, it was Sunday morning, so hardly anyone was in there.  Maybe only 20 people.  Unlike the previous day when it was packed, the smoke was more noticeable to me.  My point is, it wasn't that smokey that Sunday morning (at least I thought).

And, it was right when they opened, so again, it wasn't that smokey yet (like it could be later in the day).

Here I was, not even noticing the smoke that morning, yet because they play pool in 100% non-smoking pool rooms in Florida, they noticed it right away.

I'm actually saddened that I didn't even notice how smokey it was that morning.  I mean, even reflecting back I can't recall it being so smokey (the previous day, yes, but not that morning).

It just shows how the smokey atmosphere is invasive and we don't even know it.  :(

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