Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Addition to Out of Box Tips

I wrote back in May about some out-of-the-box tips that can help your game overall.

But I failed to include a really tough one in that list!

When I state this, you are going to think this is really easy.  Well, I dare you to try it!  It's kinda like the thoughts we have about straight pool - I can make any ball in any pocket?  That game must be easy.  Trust me, it's NOT.  Only sounds easy (try for yourself lol).

So, here is the out-of-box tip I forgot:

Run a rack in your head!


Imagine yourself breaking, then staying down for each shot and try to run out.  Use english and get good shape, all in your mind, all as you try to run the entire rack in your head.

Again, sounds easy.

Try it.

You'll find out it's not.  lol.

Again, don't just run the rack fast in your head, but run it with dedication to each shot.  Give each shot the attention it deserves (just like on a pool table).  This is a great technique to use your pre-shot routine on every shot, stay down, and helps train your brain to focus.

Seriously, you'll be surprised how tough it is to focus and remember where all the balls are (hope you make a ball on the break, too, lol) all the while trying to have a solid stroke on tough shots or using your pre shot routine in your head.

This is a great technique to use before tournaments to get you ready.


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