Thursday, May 18, 2017

If Pool was like Tennis

I was watching an episode of Law and Order the other day and this amateur tennis player said something along these lines:

"I am ranked 81st in the U.S.  If I beat the player ranked 80th, no one notices.  If I was to defeat the 5th ranked player, everyone notices.  I might be on a magazine cover or get sponsor inquiries. "
What she said really hit me - dang, what if pool was like that?

Can you imagine?

Right now, if I am ranked 80th and I beat the 5th ranked person, people in the pool community might talk about it.  I might have friends in the pool room say something.  I might get a lot of kudos on Facebook or something.

But imagine for a minute if pool WAS like tennis?  And I really did knock out the 5th ranked player in a big tournament?

I'd be interviewed by many reporters, magazines, local tv stations, and maybe even be on ESPN's Sports Center.  I am not saying Nike would be beating down my door with a contract, but what I am saying is the difference in our sports is light years.  It's like water and oil, fire and ice... (you get it).

Sure, we can get on magazine covers and be interviewed today - but it's only for pool-related mediums.  Tennis and Nike are all-related-mediums.

Can you imagine how much more practice we would all put in if there was a chance to play in tournaments on live tv, knowing we might be all over the media?  Not just talked about in our local pool rooms, but be on Sports Center or Yahoo news?  And have the potential to have big name sponsors?  Sell my own brand of shoes or a clothing line?

So many of us would be playing so much better!!  lol

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