Monday, June 20, 2016

Not THAT Tournament

I played poker this past weekend at my favorite jaunt - Winstar Poker room - right on the state line between Oklahoma and Texas.

I have mentioned several times in my blog that I have visited there so often the last 4 years or so that all the dealers know me.  And it's a very large room - 46 tables.  So, because the dealers rotate tables every 30 minutes, that's a lot of dealer (friends) that I ended up getting to know, and then they get to know me.

So, a lot of them know I play pool.  Know I'm pretty good, etc.

So last Saturday at one point in the afternoon, one of the dealers who always talk pool with me, mentioned as he dealt cards to the table, that he had been to Vegas last month.  I asked where he stayed and he said Mandalay Bay gave him a good rate.  He then asked when I was going back and I said, "July."  Being kind in turn, he asked where I was staying.  I told him I, "didn't know yet, but the tournament is at the Rio."  

A couple of players at the table looked at me funny. 

I wasn't sure why, but they just kept quiet and listened to us talk and gab on about things.

After about 30 minutes, the dealer rotates out and all of a sudden one of the players sitting across from me asks, "Your going to Vegas for a tournament?"

"Yea.  One in July."

He looks a tad stunned, and it still hasn't hit me.

"At the Rio?" 

"Yes, this one is at the Rio, but it used to be held at the Riviera."

And then I added, "Yea, the convention center at the Rio is much more suitable for the number of pool tables and all the pool players."

And responds with, "OH!  You're going for a POOL tournament!  For a while there I thought you were playing in the World Serious of Poker's big famous poker tournament that is held in July at the Rio."


I didn't even put two and two together, lol.  The players at the poker table prolly thought I was this bad-ass poker player sitting with them, lol.  Nope, just a little 'ole wanna-be pool player.

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