Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Delays the Pain (video clip)

While watching a match during the Omega Tour stop last month on Sunday, CJ Wiley was playing Carl Bodeker.

It was a great match that went hill-hill!  The winner would move on in the event, while the player who lost would place 9th out of 81 players.  It was a big match, obviously.

At hill-hill, Carl is running out and this happens:

As I'm standing there, I say under my breath to a few people in the crowd, "well, at least he didn't scratch."  Trying to take away the sting for Carl from across the room.

One of the guys near me who is also watching quips, "yea, but now it's just delaying the pain!"

Many of us laughed at his comment, because it was so true!  He added, "at least if it scratched the pain would have already occurred and been over with, now the pain is being dragged on and delayed."  More laughter.

Pretty funny, actually - never thought of it that way.

Here is the end result, btw:

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