Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pool and Co Workers

A coworker of mine texted me the other day and said he got a table for his house and wanted to know what type of cues he should buy.

Some good ones, but at a decent price.

First, why am I just now hearing about this?? lol.

He said he was searching on Amazon and wanted some advice. 

Wait, Amazon?

So I recommend McDermott and Lucasi, and then suggested a billiards retailer website instead.

He replies with, "I'm looking at this brand, comes with 4 cues, called Valley House.  Are they good?  I don't want professional but a step up from Walmart."

I admit, I was confused and then a tad disappointed.

I looked them up real quick on Amazon - 4 cues for $83.  Not bad for recreational home use.

I told him, "I never heard of them, but just looked them up and they seemed fine to me." 


1 comment:

Babylon Brother said...

Good call, Dearie. Bound to be a "step up."