Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Furniture in Your Home

I have been doing something a little different on Facebook. 

Every once in awhile, instead of just posting my random thoughts about my lovely dog Lily or "checking in" at the latest restaurant or location, I'm trying to get to know my friends better.

So I have this thing that I do called, "A Question of the Day."

And then my friends get to share part of their history (if they feel comfy).

Sometimes I might ask what is your favorite childhood memory or what is your biggest accomplishment.  It's been actually really cool to read all these important moments of my friends' lives.

The other day, for the Question of the Day, I asked "what is your favorite piece of furniture in your house?"  I then showed a picture of this fireplace mantel that was converted into shelves by my parents that now hold lots of memories on those shelves.

And I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was:  it hadn't crossed my mind at all that many people would pick their home pool tables as their favorite piece of furniture, lol. 

And it was cool because a couple of friends added little tidbits to their photos like, "this used to be Bob Vanover's table" or another shared, "mine was made by Art Ball." 

Pretty awesome.

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