Thursday, December 24, 2015

Blooper Reel!

I shared a video that I created to show a good drill.

You can check out that video clip here:

Of course with any video, you get bloopers/mistakes/funnies that come out of taping, lol, and I put some together for you!

The first clip was me showing the camera woman (Tammy) where to stand and move to during the taping, but we accidentally recorded that discussion, lol.  Then you see not one, but TWO times where I mess up the drill and instead of back banking it, I kiss the ball.  And the fourth is even funnier - this drill is suppose to show how to back cut a ball back to the end rail and on the last clip, I BANK IT RIGHT IN lol.

It really is a great drill and you can tell it's not an easy one (obviously by my blooper reel, lol).  Hope you check out the CORRECT video drill, too.

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