Sunday, August 19, 2012

Take Advantage of Their Mistakes

I have been surprised lately by how many of my friends have mentioned that they read my blog and it's been helpful to them.  I guess I don't realize many people read it. 

Turns out my anguish is relate-able!  lol.  :)

I am glad to hear I have helped some ladies who are working their way through the emotional toughness of pool competition, also.

Therefore, I thought I'd share in my next few entries some tips I use when I compete, that have helped me in the past.

Sometimes a little mantra is good to have.  It makes you confident to have a purpose and focus when you are playing.  It helps distract you from what is going on around you, and helps keep your head in the game. 

Pool is so mental, it's difficult to stay focused COMPLETELY for an entire match.

This tip is something that has helped me in the past in big tournaments with large crowds, but it can help in any tourney or during league.

"Take advantage of their mistakes."

Let's face it - *most* of the ladies are not going to run out an entire rack, for each game, during an entire match.  So when they miss, we need to take full advantage of their mistakes!

As I sit in my chair, I sometimes repeat in my head a few times as they are at the table, "Take advantage of their mistakes.  Just take advantage of their mistakes, Melinda." 

This way, I am READY to play when I get to the table.  It keeps me focused; prepared; ready to pounce. 

I'm not saying this is the golden egg, or the magic key, but it does keep your thoughts IN the match, reminds you to play your best when you get to the table, and helps you stay focused.

Give it a try a few times.  Won't hurt to try new things, right.  ;)

If you have a mantra you use, please share!


TimKrazyMon said...

My mantra: "Play smart & be patient"

Me said...

I like that a lot, Tim! Thank you for sharing it.