Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recognition Issues

I have always had issues with recognition.  All my life.  It's who I am.  Sucks sometimes, as it's not a very pretty attribute.  But, it's a part of me.

I figure it's because I'm an only child. 

I am better than I used to be, but still struggle at times.

Well, right now is one of those struggles.

I was deeply hurt when I found out that CSI did not send out the team results of the BCAPL Nationals Team events.  While I was told they were sent out, I found out they weren't.

However selfish this may seem, I was freaking proud that my women's team won BCAPL Nationals and wanted it shared with the world!!

Further, ALL the teams deserved recognition. And I also felt BCAPL deserved coverage of the event as well, as it was a very well run, successful event.

It was a HUGE accomplishment and a DREAM come true.  My disappointment had nothing to do with attention - instead it had everything to do with being a proud Champion!

Just like Team McDermott's Ron Crom stated after their Mens' Open win at BCAPL Nationals to Billiards Digest, "It was a dream come true.  I've had a smile on my face since the day, and it doesn't go away."  Each team member of the winning teams feels the exact same way!

Then along comes On The Break magazine.  Don Akerlow is the editor and hard-working publisher of three magazines.  He not only printed our picture, but also a quote from EACH team member!  We were all so VERY proud to be able to share our thoughts and excitement about our win to Don and his readers!

Here is what we said (and is so graciously printed in his magazines):

Monica Anderson:  "The team, that I had the pleasure of playing with to win the 2012 BCAPL Women's Open Team National Championship, was strong in spirit, heart, fun and playing abilities---bar none.  The team was a stellar Texas roundup of women that all have proven to be champions on and off the table and it was an experience I will never forget!"

Connie Svoboda: "This was the most awesome win I’ve ever experienced and it was with the most awesome team of ladies!!!"

Jennifer Pavlovick:  "Achieving a national title is a very sweet feeling and I'm extremely proud to have been a part of this team.  Anyone who's ever played at nationals knows that the team event can be quite grueling but that wasn't the case playing with my teammates. For 4 straight days we were focused, supportive, and playing some pretty sporty pool.  It was a tournament dream that ended with a real trophy and great memories.  "

Lisa Ellison:  "Winning was great but the friends I made are forever going to change my life."

From me, Melinda Bailey:  "To win a National Championship is truly a dream come true!  Truly.  I almost can't put into words how much this means.  To win the event with an amazing group of friends, was icing on the cake!"

(click on photo to enlarge)

Billiards Digest contacted me and also wanted to do an interview.  As quasi-Team Captain, and since I wrote a blog entry of our win, I guess that's why they contacted me.  I gave them several comments about our experience and was SO excited for the team.

I waited impatiently for my subscription and turns out it had run out!  But, the fine folks at BD sent me a complimentary copy (and I will be renewing my subscription asap). 

As soon as I received it in the mail, I ripped it open like a kid on Christmas Day.  I quickly leafed through the pages and found the article.  And there I was - quoted!

I read the quote out loud to my boyfriend and then stopped in my tracks.  I was HORRIFIED! 

I am EXTREMELY honored they mentioned that I dedicated the win to my Mom.  Words will never be able to explain how much that honor means to me.

But, the sole comment they chose to print was about how I felt about winning, not the quotes I shared about the excitement of our amazing teamwork, awesome team chemistry, and great friendship.  :(   

There is no I in team! 

This is the quote they used, "It was the greatest experience of my life to finally be a national champion, after being at it for so long, and placing second twice with teams before."

I don't want to take away from the author's hard work of writing such a long article about the BCAPL Nationals.  I know it's tough to please everyone; I TRULY understand that.  I wrote articles for 10 years and I know how tough it is, and also what a thankless job it is. 

But, what I said about my team meant more to me than how I felt about winning the championship, and I wish that point came across.

He asked me why I thought this team won this year. I told him, "we are a talented group of women who complement each others skills to make for a winning combination through friendship."

I did love it that the photo BD published was the one of my teammates and I jumping in the air!

  (click on photo to enlarge)

I'm just bummed my teammates weren't mentioned.  The whole reason we succeeded was because of each other!  And I went on and on about them during the interview.  :(

Note:  As you can tell if you are a frequent read, it's extremely difficult for me to say ill words about anyone.  So, let me reiterate that I do still love CSI and Billiards Digest.  My reactions and emotions were my own feelings; nothing they did was intentional.

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