Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rusty's August 8Ball Tourney

Well, for the last two quarterly tournaments at Rusty's Billiards, I helped co-run a smooth ship at the tournament while the employees and managers could focus on the patrons. Well, this particular Sunday, I decided to play myself this time.
So, after taking up sign ups, helping with the player auction, doing the draw, and then calling out some matches, I took photos during my lucky ducky bye. All the photos are here:

I never know if the photos are even gonna be liked or checked out, but I read a few comments on the AZB forums about them and players seem to like them so that is awesome. Sometimes I get a few complaints ("that's not my best side," or "there's not enough of me," or "how come you didn't take my photo") and I deal with those as they come. It's a tough juggling act sometimes, but my intent is always to provide an opportunity for players and fans to check out an event and the players in it.

Mike Voelkering, co-tournament director with me, and husband to Rusty's manager Tracie Voelkering

I sneak a peek at the chart and notice after my bye I will probably play Jose Zaragosa next. He just won the monthly tournament at Clicks in Waco (good win!) and he is a previous Seniors champion at the BCA Nationals. So, I knew it would be tough, but I wanted to SO BADLY play well and smart and show him I can play. I joke with him all the time about matching up with him or playing scotch with him, so this would be the first time I could really show my skills. Luckily, I LOVE 8 ball. :)

The first game I ran out after his miss. Second game, he ran out after my miss. Third game, I ran out after one of his mistakes. 2-1. Fourth game, I break out a ball and am so excited that my ball barely goes by, that I dog it thinking about shape and "is it really gonna go by." OMG! Instead of being up 3-2, it's tied again 2-2. He hooks himself running out and I get out. 3-2. In the next game, we play safe back and forth and I finally get a shot, but it's a tough one for me, and I miss! Another failed opportunity. Ugh. Tied 3-3. He gets on the hill first but I tie it up 4-4. On the last game, he hooks himself on his last ball and I get ball in hand. I play a touch shot and I accidentally don't make a ball or hit a rail. Oops! Sheat! He makes his two balls for the win and tells me I played good, though and he was impressed. Yay! Success!

Me, trying to run out.

Next up is my first one-loss side match and I play pretty good and capitalize on his mistakes and win 4-0 or 4-1.

I then play a newbie (I was told later) and a friend of the guy I just beat. I made many mistakes but eventually won hill hill because he wasn't a closer yet and was too concerned about playing a girl in front of his friends (I am guessing).

I then played Tony Ewart next. He only missed one ball in his loss to the real-good-player Ralph Cortez. They went hill hill. I have also seen him place really high in regional events, so I knew I would have my hands full, but I didn't play up to par. :( I missed a too-close-to-the-object-ball-for-me shot to win one of my games, and also missed a carom to mess up his ball and that cost me, too. So, I lost 4-2 or 4-1. But, I enjoyed watching from my seat his patterns.

Eventual winner, TJ Davis and my formidable opponent, Jose Zaragosa, in the background.

It was a great tournament and I can't wait for the next one! I have wanted to start playing in more men's tournaments and I am happy I took the plunge with this tournament in my back yard. Of course, it helps the entry fee was a decent price. :)

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