Friday, August 8, 2008

Bustamante and Fong-Pang Video

Belinda Campos Calhoun covered the Challenge of Champions tournament at the ESPN Zone in 2001. I saw her about a month after this tournament and she was telling me about the matches, as she pulled out this piece of paper that had all these notes about kicks, shots, jumps, safes, etc., on it. She was very excited about what she witnessed - little did I realize until the end of the conversation that all those notes and shots she was talking about were all in one game! She said it was one of the most amazing games she's ever seen. It turns out it was also a sudden death tie breaker in the finals (for $50,000). WOW! And here is the video. Hope you enjoy it.

Chao Fong-Pang vs. Francisco Bustamante, 2001 International Challenge of Champions, final, sudden death tiebreaker:

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