Sunday, May 4, 2008

Catch Up - March and April 2008

I haven't posted in a while. What turned out to be a great goal for myself at the beginning of the year has turned into a goal that I cannot control. Because of the loss of a parent and then moving my ailing Mom to live with me, I have not had the time or energy to go to the pool tournaments that were on my list for the Spring.

I have two tournaments to catch up on, though, since I last wrote. So, here I go:

I played in the BCA Texas State Championship. It was held at the same location (Killeen, Texas) on the same equipment (Diamond Smart Tables) and it was the same game (eight ball) but the result from my last win there in Feb did not occur in March.

I knew the pressure on myself would be a lot, but I still prepared for the tournament like any other but wanted to play well; my goal was not to win. I lost my first match! My opponent played very well, though, and I was happy for her. I won a few matches later that afternoon and evening and got to bed at a decent hour and was up early for another day of lovely eight ball - I love eight ball! I won my first match very squarely and played really well. I carried that momentum into my next match, but let things get to me toward the end of the match and even though I was up 3-1, I lost 5-3. My mental game completely got in the way and instead of me playing pool, I let comments from my opponents' friends get to me. It is so frustrating, but all a learning experience.

I placed 9th-12th and got just in the money. :)

Then a month later, I played in the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour event held in Houston, Texas at Bogies Billiards (check out the photos). The event was held April 19-20 and I had been very busy moving myself and my Mom into a new house. I hit some balls only one time in the past month... the Monday before the tournament! Not like me at all, but I surprised myself - I played well! I was shooting faster than usual and kind of free stroking, which makes me feel good and builds confidence, but I do play better being just a tad more deliberate... and it would prove to hurt me in this tournament.

I won my first match and played well against the formidable Jillian Valles. I then had to play my good friend Shayla. We both had our moments of playing very well and it went hill-hill but I lost by three-foul. Ouch. The one key learning experience in that match was when it was 6-5 me and I was running out (from being down 3-5) and I failed to see where I needed to be from the 8 to the 9. I had been looking at my position a lot in this match but I 'assumed' where the cueball needed to be for the 9 in that game and left myself a bad shot, which I then missed. Learning Experience!

I then won a few more matches and played well all afternoon but then lost hill-hill to another good player, Terry Petrosonio. I was down 5-3 and tied it 5-5. I was shooting a 9-ball and let up on it instead of stroking it and it was such a key miss - instead of being on the hill, she was on the hill. I tied it up 6-6, but lost. I placed 13th but didn't last until Sunday. :(

I played in the second chance tournament and was double dipped in the finals. I was rushing my shots and not playing well in the finals, but I still didn't do too badly for the day.

Next up is the BCA Nationals in my favorite city- Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas.

Until next time.

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