Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Making Me Smile - Project Hunger Games

I always love it when people surprise me and make me smile.

This happened the other day when I was conversing with Katniss (the pool player of the Project Hunger Games section of my blog). We were on FB messenger talking about many different things back and forth about pool.  At one point she described something that happened at league.  Being who I am, I put on my "I have a suggestion!" shirt, lol, and then gave her some advice.

Her immediate reply was, "Ooooh! I'm going to write that in my notebook!"
I chatted back and told her I was impressed she was going to do that, because it showed she didn't want to forget what we talked about (and, maybe, just maybe I gave good information lol).

Smile was in full effect!

As I sat back in my chair, blowing on my knuckles and wiping them on my shirt with pride, I waited for her reply.

Uh, nothing.

She didn't respond like she had been for the past 15-20 minutes.  I didn't take it personally, and figured maybe she just got busy with her new job or something.

About 10 minutes later she chatted me, "Okay, it's in my notebook!"

And I admit I was a little bit stunned.

I said, "What do you mean you put it in your notebook?"

She replies, "I put it in my notebook because I wanted to remember what we talked about. "

"But how did you do that from work?" I inquired.

She shared, "Oh!  I keep my little pool notebook in my purse.  I have it with me at all times."
Katniss really made me smile!  What a great idea!

Of course, don't forget that in our digital age you can take notes on your smart phone, too.  Just be aware that many tournaments don't allow phones during matches, so you might want the hand-written notebook or checklist as a backup.

Checklists/notebooks/notes are extremely helpful. I wont rehash what I wrote many times about this, but you can start reading here if you want to check out the benefits.

I have always said to make sure to put your checklist or notebook in your pool case, so you have it during tournaments to review.  Her idea is even better - she has it with her all the time no matter where she is or what she is doing!

Still smiling!

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