Friday, July 21, 2017

Friends Nervous Might Blog About Them

I haven't been to a pool room on a week night in at least a year I think.  I don't play league anymore (loving the free time and going to sleep at a decent hour not smelling like smoke!), and don't play weekly tournaments, so I only really get to a pool room maybe on a weekend to give lessons and of course to run the Omega Tour.

However, the other night I ventured into the local pool room on a tournament night, because I had an appointment with a friend about an idea for pool.

As I sat there, many people were surprised to see me, and then surprised I didn't even have my cue with me.

"Not here for the tournament, just meeting up with a friend to chat," I repeatedly shared to those who asked after their hug. 

I recognized most all the players, but there were a few new ones I hadn't seen before.  But it was the same scenario as usual - tournament, break and run pot, players trying to make extra money, smokey place.

At around 9:45pm, even my friend Dave Favor said to me, "Isn't it past your bedtime?"  LOL.  He knows I go to sleep early nowadays because when he calls after 9pm I don't normally answer because I am sometimes already in bed.  lol.  But I had a little bit more chat time left with my girlfriend and so stuck around just a little longer.

Because I was focused on my her and our talk, I didn't even look at my phone for two hours.  I finally checked it when I left and saw a message from a friend who lives out of town.  "Hey, I'm outside.  I'm sure you're playing league but can you come out real quick to say hi?"

He was just passing through on his way to a meeting, drove by this pool room, and happened to see my car.

I asked him later (I missed his text by an hour), "Why didn't you just come in and say hi?"

"Oh, no" he chuckles but being serious, "I didn't want to read in your blog how some guy came in and interrupted your perfect score on league night!"


Pretty damn hysterical!

And yet I still put it in my blog, LOL!

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