Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pool Rooms Are Businesses

One thing that disappoints me, is when players talk badly about pool rooms.  This especially tugs at my soul as a Tournament Director.

I'm going to be very honest and confide that most of the pool rooms in Texas are not large, extravagant, amazing pool rooms.  But us Texans love that we have many pool rooms to choose from and we love them.

I think a lot of out of state players quite honestly are disappointed when they go to the pool rooms in Texas and see they all don't have a lot of space or a ton of great tables or high ceilings or non smoking, etc etc.   There are a few, yes, but not most in Texas.

However, no matter if our pool rooms are small and not pristine,  many other cities' pool rooms are closing down. In the Dallas Fort Worth area I haven't seen a pool room closed down in years. But I hear other cities pool rooms are not making enough business to stay open. So while the pool rooms may not be Design Pool Rooms Of The Year, at least they are creating business and places to play and staying open.
But when players bad mouth a pool room, I take it personal.  We are lucky to have many choices.  We are lucky to have many places to play the game we love.

On the Omega Tour,  we have a stop every single month in a different pool room across the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Pretty cool, huh?

But sometimes players will broadcast on Facebook-world that they think some pool rooms are dumps... while hosting an Omega Tour stop there that weekend.  Sure, people have their own opinion, but I personally think it's uncalled for.

You see, this "dump" is adding a lot money to the tournament, they are paying extra people to work shifts, and there are up-front costs to ensure the tables are level and sometimes they pay to refelt all the tables before the tourney.

Sure, you may not like the tables, you might not like the location, but they are still a company doing the best they can to stay in business!  And.... they are a sponsor, too. I think it's unfortunate and down right rude when someone bad mouths a pool room when they put in a lot of time and money for the players to have a great atmosphere and experience to compete.

Getting bad service and complaining about that is one thing.  But bad mouthing businesses because you don't like the place, I don't take well lol.

I fully admit this is my personal philosophy in life:  cherish more, complain less.  But, I'm also prolly tainted because I'm a Tournament Director, too.  :)

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