Friday, June 9, 2017

Known Cheaters

I read with fascination this article about a known cheater among the golf pros.  It was an interesting article about how most of the players are very aware about a certain golfer who cheats all the time.

The anonymous author even added:
"This dude knows he's a cheater, and he knows that everyone knows he's a cheater," the author wrote.
It got me wondering about our own sport.  And unfortunately, I think it's a case for pool as well.

We all know the players who have a certain unethical part to their game.  Many of these players either don't get much gambling action and/or are put "on notice" by players or Tournament Directors.

As a Tournament Director, I am told A LOT of things about players in regards to "cheating."  It's something that I need to be aware of so I can watch closely for their opponents.

But if you reflect right now, you can picture players who cheat, right?  Maybe you are first thinking about some really big accusation/argument (which is usually a miscommunication or knowledge of the rules), but you can picture a player who, yep, has been accused of cheating a lot and many of the players talk about them and the knowledge of their antics.

What I think is sad is when players think we don't know they are cheating.  Really?  Smdh.

While doing background for this post, I looked up other articles about cheating in sports and was quite surprised!  Check out all these lists, wow!

  • Top 10 greatest sports cheaters of all time
  • Top 10 worst cheaters
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Pretty sad there is a lot of material, huh?  lol

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