Friday, December 12, 2014

The Pool Niece

My Aunt Carol texted me the other day.

(btw, she hardly EVER texts me)

Aunt:  "What is your pool title?"

I was confused.

Me:  "You mean my nickname?"

Aunt:  "No, like Women's Champion.  I know Trigger."

OMG!  She knows my nickname!  How cool is that?

Me:  "LMAO.  You know my nickname?  I am the ACS National Women's 9-Ball Champion."

Aunt:  "I'm so effin proud of you!"

Me:  "Aww.  Thank you!"

(here is a screenshot of our convo - click photo to enlarge)

A few hours later, I wondered, why did she all of a sudden asked me that?  I mean, I won that title back in May.

So I asked her why she asked and then she called to explain:

She told me, "I got this new job and there is a girl here who keeps saying how good she is in pool.  Like, all the time, she's constantly telling everyone about it.  I told her "my niece plays pool, too," but she just keeps bragging about herself.  It drives us crazy."

(I was laughing.)

She continued, "I told her I might go to Vegas in May and she asked me what for.  I said, to visit Vegas and to see my niece play pool.  I told you she played.  "

(I'm still laughing.)

"She asked me what tournament you played in and I said I didn't know but you won it this year.  That's why I textetd you - to find out what tourney you won, what title it was.  So, I passed on to her you what you said, what title you won, and she could only say "Oh" and FINALLY SHUT UP!"

OMG!  My Aunt Carol is a hoot!

Glad I could help you, Aunt Carol!  :)

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