Monday, December 15, 2014

Dilemmas in Pool

Last season on my Ladies Thursday League, there was a mix up with the dates.  While the secretary tried to avoid ALL tournaments that could affect the players, one of the OB Cues Ladies stops had to CHANGE their date!

Let me see if I can explain this well, lol.

The Best of the Rest tournament end of season ladies Thursday league tournament was the last weekend of October.  This was also the same weekend as the Jamaica Joe's tourney for the OB Cues Ladies Tour (b/c they had to change their date).

The Best of the Best end of season ladies league tourney was the first weekend of November.  If my team got in the top FOUR (4) of the league in the rankings, then we would automatically play in that tournament, and not have to play in the Best of the Rest.

So, a few months before the rankings would be finalized, we all played our little hearts out.  Why?  Because one team member is a aboard member of the OB Cues Ladies Tour and would have to go to that tournament at the end of October.  I *wanted* to go, but wasn't sure what I would do if we didn't get in the top 4.  Not go to the OB Stop in Oklahoma City and play in our league end of season tourney to play with my team?  Or play at the OB Cues Ladies Tour stop?

Either way, we could *potentially* lose two players for the Best of the Rest tourney if we didn't get in the top 4.

So, the last few months were stressful.  Each week we wondered where we stood.  How did we do compared to all the other teams?

Two teams were guaranteed to be ranked 1 and 2.  The 3rd and 4th spots were actually a pretty big fight and close call by FOUR teams!  Omgosh, so much stress!

Would we get in the top 4 or would we have to play in the Best of the Rest tourney without our top two players?  (If I decided not to play).

I recall last year that a player posted on FB what she should do about this very situation - but her conflicting tourney was an apa regional event that could possibly send her to Vegas.  At the time I still thought she should have played with her team (which is what she eventually did even though I think she bailed on them during the event or something?).

I thought - wow, what a tough dilemma!

And then I find myself in it.

Although I LOVE playing at Jamaica Joe's b/c they have diamond bar tables and it's only about 3 1/2 hours away, I already knew in my heart I would play with the team.  But I never told them that!  lol.

We were in 5th place I think for many weeks and then we all of a sudden with only 2 weeks left got in the top 4!  And then we made the cut by like only a few points!  So, Monica and I were able to play at Jamaica Joe's and THEN play with the team in the Best of the Best the following weekend!  (where we took second, baby!).

Tough choices when it comes to league, whew!

We want to be a team member at all times.  But sometimes choices and decisions are tough.  Luckily this worked out for everyone!

And next time I would pick playing with my team again!

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