Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nickel Flip

Physically, I know there is no difference flipping a nickel.

It may seem like in my mind that a nickel is heavier (obviously only slightly) on heads because of the raised head on the coin.

Btw, I ALWAYS call tails.

Even when my opponent flips and it's a nickel,  I still call tails out of stubbornness and preferences to always choose "tails."

In my mind, I think it will be heads anyway because of what I said above.

But, all coins are equal when flipping.  One side isn't heavier than the other.

I know this because I searched the web for any website or research that could tell me otherwise.  I didn't find anything.

But I thought it was cool when my Friday morning opponent dug for a coin in her purse for us.  She found a coin and then asked me, "is it okay it's a nickel?"

Made me wonder why she asked me that.

Still curious.   If I see her today during the team event I will ask her.  Makes me wonder if she feels the same about nickels, lol.

Update:  She said she asked if the nickel was okay because she was new to this tournament and pool, and didn't know if we had to use a certain coin or not.

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