Saturday, September 29, 2012

Staying in the Present - Quarterback Style

While I mentioned in my last blog entry that I liked the author's take and attitude toward the young, retiring Keyon Dooling, I am going the opposite way with this author about Tony Romo.

For someone who I presume writes often about sports, you would think he would truly understand Romo's insistence in not answering questions about the future!

Every athlete knows that expectations can be the root of evil.  Thinking ahead can be detrimental.  Anticipation keeps your eye off the ball.  Sure, you make plans to train, and it may cross your mind about that future championship, but the must important thing is to remain in the present.

Yet, this author berates Tony for not answering questions about the future.

"The questions kept coming at Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo from the New York news media, and one by one Saturday, he dodged them like they were Jason Pierre-Paul blowing snot bubbles on an all-out bull rush."

I, on the other hand, applaud him for standing up to the proper mental toughness and NOT answering the barrage of questions directly.  Instead, kinda side stepping them with answers reiterating how important the present is:

What would it mean to get to the playoffs and win a Super Bowl?
"It's really just about going out to practice today and tomorrow," Romo said. "Going from there. We're not even looking at anything past that. ... It's about how we can go work and try to get better for the Giants."
But you are conscious of the fact that you can change your legacy by winning a championship right?
"It's an understanding that this game is not about tomorrow, it's about today," he said. "For me, you could talk about it till we're blue in the face, but it comes down to figuring out how to get better right now. All of that other stuff long term will take care of itself. You don't give yourself a chance to do any of that stuff unless you prepare today and get better."
I do admit and realize this article is written well, and the twist about him continually not answering questions is a great theme to the whole piece. But, for those of us who are competitors, well, I see Tony's viewpoint as smart.  I do not see it as "poking-fun" materiel.  I also think it shows how important and focused of an athlete he his.  It's obvious he understands the value of the present to his career, his teammates, and the fans.

Wont mean he''ll win every game (that is now proof), but at least mentally he is strong with the present.

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