Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Video Tour: Jamaica Joe's

LOVE this pool room!  My first time to Jamaica Joe's in Oklahoma City, OK!  16 Diamond tables, owned by Jessica Massey.

I took this video the weekend of July 28, 2012 when Jamaica Joe's hosted the OB Cues Ladies Tour.


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Anonymous said...

Um...... All we have to do now is clone that pool hall and have it magically appear in Dallas... We deserve diamond tables and Siminois regulation cloth (hopefully I spelled that correctly) and of course we do have some tables with Siminois but just the combination of the diamond tables is the greatest pool playing experience... I remember being able to finess a slow shot with no worries of table roll.. Miss those days in the other states I've lived, I remember the cloth being so fast everyone got into the trend of removing their weight bolts form their cues :)

Dallas deserves Diamond Tables!!! (I do however love a few of our 9ft Gold Crowns and always will but Brunswick is in the business of making money building boats and Diamond... well I think everyone knows what Diamonds main focus is on and how great of a job they are at it.

Then again I'm just greatful we have a pool scene. Oh and please correct me if there is a place where regulation Diamond Tables exist to play on in Dallas ... All in good time :)