Friday, July 27, 2012

Peer Pressure

As I mentioned before, I have joined three leagues all of a sudden!  Where I used to never like league, I find myself three nights a week playing in leagues, lol.

On Monday night, I was scorekeeper for the new men's team I am on.  I show up and three of the guys on the team are raving about how well I play.  They heard I went 5-0 my first night on the team and also brought up my scotch doubles play and my Nationals win.  Felt good to hear such accolades from fellow male players who play good.  I admit I was beaming.  :)

On my Tuesday and Thursday night league, they are both all-women.  I played last Tuesday and still feel like eyes are on me.  I don't know how else to put it except I feel like the players are watching me - how do I play, do I miss, am I getting out?  I can hear people talk, "She was on the team that won Nationals."

I don't mind people watching, talking; keeps me on my toes.

On Thursday, we played the best team on the league (my team is in second place).  I felt a lot of pressure to play well, and again, felt like all eyes were on me.

I feel like people are looking at my decisions.  I take my time and plan my balls in 8 ball.  So, I think a lot at the table.  I try to stay down and play well; try to live up to my expectations (which, I know, I'm not suppose to do).

This Thursday, I was 4-1 again.  One of my teammates brought her Mom along.  They introduced her as, "this is Mom."  Took all I could not to cry.  She was about my Mom's age, and thoroughly enjoyed watching her daughters' team compete. 

We all high-five after a win, and that included a high-five to Mom after each match, and she seemed so thrilled every time I won.  At the end of the night, she actually thanked me for playing well - it was so cute!  I joked with her she had to come to all my matches in the future - I even hinted I'd give them my tourney schedule, lol, so they could come support me.

I really enjoy the camaraderie on my team AND the other teams.  I only know about half of the players and they have been all super nice and complimentary.  The opponents hug each other before and after every match; I'm not at the point yet with the ones I don't know but they are all still very friendly... and I'm having fun.

It's cool to be accepted.  :)

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