Monday, July 13, 2009

First Season of Straight Pool League

My first straight pool league season in the "Volcanoes Straight Pool League" ended in May (2009) and while I am happy with my results, I know I can do better with a little more knowledge and more experience. I played 8 matches.


First: Lost 95 to 100. High run was 12 in 52 innings.
Second: Lost 77 to 100. High run was 8 in 48 innings.
Third: Won 100 to 77. High run was 10 in 69 innings.
Fourth: Won 100 to 70. High run was 12 in 39 innings.
Fifth: Lost 96 to 100. Ouch. High run was 7 in 63
Sixth: Lost 73 to 100. This guy should be in another division. lol. High run was 14 in 32 innings
Seventh: Won 100 to 79. High run was 11 in 53 innings
Eighth: Won 100 to 93. High run was 10 in 40 innings
(Practice with my good friend, Robert: Won 100 to 123. High run was 15 in 56 innings)

In my Division (called The Crane Division after Irving Crane), we have statistics for three Top 5's. Top 5 in wins/losses, high runs, and balls made per inning (BPI). I made it in the Top 5 in two of them! Of course, we only had 10 players, and one of them had to quit in the middle of the season. But, I was 4th in BPI and 5th in wins/losses.


Before this, I only played a handful of times by alone two years ago and a handful of times sparring with my ex. Neither of us knew the rules, lol.

Volcanoes Straight Pool League Info:

I like this league for several reasons:
  • You contact the players in your division and set up a time to play. It's not set on a certain day of every week - this provides much flexibility and usually you play about 4 people each month for three to four months.
  • We get to play for free when we play our match (the host pool room is Volcanoes in Hurst, Texas).
  • We get a small laminated pocket-sized sheet of the rules.
  • We take score with a really cool score sheet that easily shows high runs, fouls, and innings.

I just mailed in my sign-up for the next season that is to start this month (July). I obviously feel I can beat my high run of 15. Can I double it this season? I do not know, but I'd like to make a goal to try and to triple it by a year from now.


Ann said...

This sounds like something I would like to try. I wish there was a league up here. Keep us posted on your progress!

R Riley said...

That's awesome.. I always tell Dalton I wish we had something like that here... I am probably going to start playing on a 10 ball league with Nat though and I am looking forward to that...