Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Recent Spankings

I am in a women's league and I fair pretty well in it.  But, I recently played in a few open events, and I was pummeled.  Beat.  Deflated.  Kicked in the groan.

This is coming off my women's team win in playoffs and my Queen of the Hill win.

I played in a tournament Nov 3rd with 27 other men, no other women.  I won only one match - the match I'm suppose to win.  On the winner's side, I'm playing okay, but nervous, but go up 2-0 in a race to 4, playing 8ball on bar tables.

The guy I'm playing tells me he may have to quit.  His shoulder is really bothering him.  Was it bothering him more because he was down 2-0 against a girl?  I was well aware of what was going on - status was on the line.

I admit, I wanted to win badly, status or not!  (for personal reasons)

He gets ball in hand in the 3rd game and runs out.  I then miscue on the 4th game and he only has an 8 ball left and he makes it.  He now has more life, while I no longer have a comfy lead.

However, it's the 5th game that really affected my mental attitude.  We were playing a safety game and neither one of us would break out this big cluster until we had a clear shot.  I finally was left with a shot where if I go for the obvious hit, he will then be left an out.  So, I know instead I need to kick at a dif ball and play a kick safe.  This is after about ten innings EACH at a safety shot.  I know what is best.  So, I do the correct shot, but I don't hit a rail after I kick safe.  Ugh!  I pick up the cueball because I fouled, and drop it on the table in disgust.

I'm SO upset with myself for showing emotion (the cueball dropped on the table seemed exponentially loud!).  I can't recover.  I also get super upset at myself for shooting the correct shot but failing to hit a rail.  I felt like I didn't get a good deed for shooting the right shot.  I was upset.  In the last game, he wins and I am PISSED.

I then win 4-0 and then lose 0-4.  I'm more than upset about my performance in this tourney. :(

Then the next Friday, I play in a weekly 9ball event and again I'm the only female.  I go out in two.

I am upset and disappointed.  I missed several shots and got beat.  The guys got out; didn't miss much.  There were a few rolls they got, but bottom line is I didn't capitalize and/or got beat.  Simply put, they got out well.  They outplayed me.  They made less mistakes.

Then On Nov 11th I play in another bar table 8ball tourney.  I feel pretty pumped.  I feel ready.  But, I evidently was not.

I played a REALLY tough player my first match, but after being up 2-1, I miss an 8 ball.  Then I hook myself when he's on the hill.  I had one fantastic out, but other than that, I really, really messed up!  OMG....

Then I play a NOBODY and lose 0-4!  WTH?!  I couldn't get my head out of my butt.

I honestly do not know what happened this tourney.  I finally wasn't out played, but I made too many mistakes.  Once I figure it out..... 

But I am grateful for getting spanked.  I need to get beat.  I need to be humbled and reminded that I need to work on my game.  Doesn't matter how upset I get, getting beat is a good thing.  Winning is good too, but getting beat is even better (no matter how painful at the time).


TimKrazyMon said...

guy is down 2-0, groans about his shoulder, comes back (presumably felling better) and wins. hmmm....if it sounds like a sharks, looks like a shark, and smells like a shark.........

Just Sayin'

matthew said...

"Then I play a NOBODY..."

That's pretty mean. Is there more to this story? You're usually much more respectful when talking about your opponents.

Me said...

Tim - I don't think he was trying to shark me, I think he was telling me his excuses of why he was losing.

Matthew - OMGosh you are right, I usually am not that mean. (shows how bitter and upset I was, eeek). What I should have said and described better was he was not a good player at all and I should have easily beat him.