Friday, August 6, 2010

Don't Play in Your Pajamas

I don't normally write advice columns - I'm no Dear Abby (or her twin, Ask Ann Landers) but throughout my blog entries I sometimes add little tips to share with you what I have learned along the way. You can recognize it's a helpful hint or tip because I add this graphic next to the paragraph so I can find it quickly later:However, I thought today I would try to write an entire blog article about a certain topic that may be helpful - one that I follow religiously that I personally believe is helpful.

If you have a pool table at home, ensure you are practicing in the same attire that is required at your tournaments. It will help you to practice in the clothes and shoes you would be wearing at an event.

  • If you don't normally wear glasses, don't wear them to practice when you are on your home table.
  • Don't wear slippers or don't go barefoot - the difference in height and feel is amazingly different when you wear your comfy shoes for an all-day event.
  • Wear the type of shirts and pants you would play a tourney in to get used to them. If you always wear your jeans, and your next big event requires slacks and a belt, will you be comfy?
I do not own my own pool table, but I still live by these same rules when I go to the pool room to practice. I wear the same jeans, shirts, shoes, and even jewelry, that I would if it was at a pool tournament.

As everyone knows, being comfortable is an important element to playing pool. Let me state this in a louder voice: Being uncomfortable can hinder your performance.

Give yourself a better chance to be better prepared by practicing to the optimum.

(Warning: this is friendly advice and not a die-hard rule)

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Unknown said...

Or as they say at NASA, "Test how you fly, and fly how you test."

Good advice.